Trillion Tree Campaign

Palm tree

We decided to do something good with the financial support that we get from our Patreons. Starting from January 2021, we’re going to plant new trees each month. The number of trees that we plant each month is the number of Patreons that we have at the end of the previous month.

As the Agile Book Club, we have to buy books every month so we can read them in order to put out quality content for our listeners. To give something back from the environment we take from, we started thinking and found the project ‘Trillion Tree Campaign‘. The project seeks to repopulate the world’s trees and combat climate change as a nature-based solution.

How can you support this?

We have set up a Patreon page to support the podcast, where our kind supporters help us to cover our costs for editing, hosting, and the various services that we need to produce and share the Agile Book Club podcast.

We have 4 different support levels, $1, $5, $10 and $20. In return for supporting us, you get access to exclusive content each month. On top of that, we plant one tree every month for each Patreon that we have!

Trees planted since January 2021

14th April: 21 trees planted

2nd march 2021: 18 trees planted

4th february 2021: 16 trees planted