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  • lean

    “Rolling Rocks Downhill” by Clarke Ching

    A new month, a new book review! This month, Justyna and Paul review “Rolling Rocks Downhill” by Clarke Ching (the agile business novel, that doesn’t mention agile at all). ➡️Want […]

  • agility

    “Right to Left” by Mike Burrows

    In this episode, the first one recorded while being on the road, Justyna and Paul talk about “Right to Left” by Mike Burrows. This book is #mustread for all digital […]

  • agility

    “rethinking Agile” by Klaus Leopold

    In the first ever episode of the Agile Book Club, Paul and Justyna review “rethinking Agile” by Klaus Leopold. Cant wait to know what this book is about? Listen now […]


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