The Collaboration Equation by Jim Benson

About the book

Individuals work in teams to create value. This is the Collaboration Equation.

Professionals act with confidence.

The Problem: By their very design, the organizations we work for destroy confidence. They run on systems and processes that starve professionals of information, direction, psychological safety, and purpose, causing even the most talented individuals to question themselves and their decisions. They drift and become alienated, inevitably turning to structures that force competent and thoughtful people to wait for direction which never comes.

Whether virtually or in real life, we isolate workers in cubicles, teams into silos, and decisions into oblivion.

This way of working…is not working.

The Solution: The Collaboration Equation draws from a lifetime of building collaborative systems, helping individuals be professionals, teams take pride in their work, and companies be resilient. This dynamic guide to working together shares insightful case studies, practical coaching, and helps readers build a real culture, design real processes, and to create real collaborative systems that people enjoy working in.

You will be able to build visual systems where people can see their work.

You will be able to create cultures with a “Right Environment” so they can mind their system.

And you will create an organization where your individuals truly work in teams to create value.

Your professionals, your company, and you will act with confidence.

About the Author

For over 35 years, Jim has helped create high-performing organizations, teams, and people by getting professionals the information they need, when they need it. His teams have recorded music, written books, built subway systems, planned cities, created software, provided international aid, and more.

All of them languished before they had a practical system of working together. All thrived after.

He is the CEO of Modus Cooperandi and co-founder of Modus Institute. This book is a loving distillation of hundreds of personal collaborations.

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