“Strategize” by Roman Pichler

The book of this month is “Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age” by Roman Pichler!

About the book

Create a winning game plan for your digital products with Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age.

Using a wide range of proven techniques and tools, product management expert Roman Pichler explains how to create effective strategies and actionable roadmaps to help you maximize your chances of creating successful products.

Written in an engaging and easily accessible style, Strategize offers practical advice and valuable examples so that you can apply the practices directly to your products.

Comprehensive and insightful, the book will enable you to make the right strategic decisions in today’s dynamic digital age.

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About the author

Roman Pichler is a renowned product management expert specialised in product strategy, leadership, and agility. Roman has pioneered agile product management practices, and he has developed a range of models, methods, and tools to help teams create successful products.

Roman is the author of “Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age, 2nd ed.,” “How to Lead in Product Management,” and “Agile Product Management with Scrum.” He he writes a popular blog for product people at www.romanpichler.com/blog, hosts his own product management podcast, and offers a range of free product management tools.

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