“The Culture Game” by Dan Mezick

It’s time for the review of “The culture game” by Dan Mezick.

Although published in 2012, it is full of actionable ideas for any manager striving to build a learning environment. The book makes connections between culture, game mechanics, learning and productivity and shows how to bring true agility to the workplace.

About the book

THE CULTURE GAME is your tutorial and reference guide for creating lasting business agility in your organization. This is the handbook for managers who want to rapidly develop a culture of learning inside their teams. THE CULTURE GAME book provides you with specific tools and techniques to help your teams (and the entire enterprise) rapidly respond to change. THE CULTURE GAME describes 16 patterns of team-learning behavior, distilled from Agile software development. This book provides the tools to socialize these ideas throughout your organization. THE CULTURE GAME book is your tutorial and reference guide for scaling the Agile mindset from software teams to the wider enterprise.

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About the author

Dan Mezick is a business agility expert, consultant, and international keynote conference speaker. His clients include INTUIT, ADOBE, CAPITAL ONE and dozens of smaller enterprises. His focus is on organizational change and how the rules about decision-making actually drive your culture. This is the “operating system” of your enterprise. Your policies, communication paths, and total company culture are driven by how decisions are made.

His first book, THE CULTURE GAME, is a business agility book. It describes 16 patterns of group behavior that can help make any team smarter. This book is aimed at managers who want to rapidly create incremental change, in a bottom-up fashion, by changing the way their meetings are arranged and executed. This book is based on a 5 years of experience coaching 119 software teams across 25 different organizations. THE CULTURE GAME describes an immediate, low-cost, incremental and bottom-up approach to change.

His second book on organizational change, THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK, is also a book on business agility. It describes how top leadership can leverage enterprise-wide, whole-group, all-hands meetings to greatly increase employee engagement, innovation, and results. This book is based on his work consulting to dozens of organizations and their top executives over a period of seven years. THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK describes a very effective approach to enterprise-wide organizational change and employee engagement that requires authorization from the top.

His third book on organizational change, INVITING LEADERSHIP, is co-authored with Mark Sheffield. This leadership and business agility title introduces Invitation-Based Change™, a leadership approach to change that produces rapid, authentic and lasting results.

INVITING LEADERSHIP describes how executive leaders can leverage the power of invitation to pragmatically and safely enlist and engage the entire workforce in continuously responding to change. INVITING LEADERSHIP is your tutorial, reference guide and road map for doing exactly that. It’s a book for all leaders who want to play a big role in achieving genuine business agility transformations.

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