“The Agile Culture Code” by Dr Stefanie Puckett

Finally, we’re back face to face in the podcasting studio! Please forgive us for our pretty long banter, we were just too happy to see each other.
This time we reviewed “Agile Culture Code” by Dr Stefanie Puckett. It was an exciting adventure for both of us.
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About the book

It is an organization`s culture that provides the biggest challenge and at the same time, the biggest lever to form an agile organization.So how can we grasp the concept of organizational culture in an actionable way? What is the essence of an agile culture? What are the elements? How is this culture formed and developed? Where are the levers and pitfalls? What does work hands-on?Puckett`s book delivers answers to those questions and explains how organizational culture can be created and formed. Insights from organizational psychology are translates into practical advice. Based on analysis of agile organizations and those in transition, the agile culture code is decoded. The core elements of agile organizational cultures are defined and elaborated. The book is filled with field-proven culture hacks, tips, tools and methods, and illustrated with many examples.Puckett provides a new perspective on organizational culture. For it is in our hands to shape the culture: As individual, as team, as leader. We are organizational culture.This atlas invites to experiment and create, and shows how organizations can master the agile transformation.“An extremely useful tool for anyone struggling to navigate the tricky world of cultural change in organizations.” Michael Wade, Professor at IMD, Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation “This book uncovers what is needed to build agility and provides very valuable guidance.” 

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About the author

Dr. Stefanie Puckett is a psychologist with a research background who worked and lived globally. She worked for several consulting companies, and in management position, and global roles for a Fortune 500 company and owned her own business. Over the years, she worked with more than 500 leaders, conducted several hundred international Workshops, Seminars, Coaching and Consulting Projects.

Her experiences include over 15 years in management consulting, executive coaching, talent and assessment management, and personnel development. She is Certified Executive Coach (CEC), Board Certified Coach (BCC), Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) and certified professional Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC). Her doctorate degree was acquired in the field of Organizational Psychology. Stefanie published several technical and non-fiction books and over 40 articles – as many as the life of a working mom allows.

With the T E C model from “The Code of Agile Organizations” Stefanie received the recognition “InnovativeWomen”. Her books are recommended by, among others: Wirtschaftspsychologie Heute, managerSeminare Magazin, Handelsblatt Rethinking Finance, European Organization Design Forum (EODF), Agile Book Club.

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