“A culture of Safety: Building a work environment where people can think, collaborate and innovate” by Alla Weinberg

Most companies strive for innovation. Unfortunately, not a lot of them spend enough time on building a culture of safety that is an innovation accelerator.

In just 64 pages, Alla Weinberg explains the importance of safety at work and the consequences when there is none. Besides that, there are plenty of exercises on how to improve psychological, physical and emotional safety at work.

Kudos, to Sense & Respond for bringing another great read to our bookshelves.

In the last episode of 2021, our host interview Alla Weinberg, the author of A Culture Of Safety! Enjoy the episode, have a great end of 2021 and see you once again in 2022!

About the book

You, like all humans, have a hardwired biological need for it. This is why you’re reading the description of this book. Your body and brain were drawn to the word—safety. Unfortunately, most of us don’t feel a sense of safety at work, and when we don’t feel safe our operating IQ drops by half.
Yes, half.
Without safety, we literally can’t think, collaborate or innovate. Yet in times of constant change and increasing complexity, building a culture of safety is an imperative for organizational survival. In these pages, you will learn how to build a culture of safety in your organization. It starts with understanding the three types of safety, then shifting your leadership from fear to safety, and finally implementing specific practices to build safety in your team and organization.
With the help of neuroscience, immediately applicable exercises, and step-by-step practices, all leaders will be able to begin building a culture of safety.

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