“Outcomes Over Output: Why Customer Behavior Is the Key Metric for Business Success” by Joshua Seiden

We absolutely enjoyed the new book by Joshua Seiden “Outcomes Over Output: Why Customer Behavior Is the Key Metric for Business Success”.

This book focuses on delivering meaningful information without all the fluff and page fillers. Congratulations to the author for getting to the essential points and delivering value early and continuously.

In the second part of this episode, our hosts interview Josh Seiden! A great start to a new month!

About the book

In the old days, when we made physical products, setting project goals wasn’t that hard. But in today’s service- and software-driven world, “done” is less obvious. When is Amazon done? When is Google done? Or Facebook? In reality, services powered by digital systems are never done. So then how do we give teams a goal that they can work on?Mostly, we simply ask teams to build features—but features are the wrong way to go. We often build features that create no value. Instead, we need to give teams an outcome to achieve. Using outcomes creates focus and alignment. It eliminates needless work. And it puts the customer at the center of everything you do.Setting goals as outcomes sounds simple, but it can be hard to do in practice. This book is a practical guide to using outcomes to guide the work of your team.

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About the authors

Joshua Seiden is a designer, author, coach, and product leader with deep experience creating digital products and services. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit and user-centered perspective to his work with companies large and small. He helps teams find and validate market opportunities, and then to create the right approach to go after these opportunities, and to design and ship great products and services.

Joshua is a popular and highly sought-after speaker who appears at conferences around the world. He teaches workshops in Agile and Lean methods for product teams and often works with teams as a coach and mentor.

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