“Cynefin – Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World” by Dave Snowden

Happy New Year to all our listeners and to their loved ones! We hope that you will have an amazing 2021! To start the new year in style, we’ve read and reviewed the latest book by Dave Snowden “Cynefin – Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World”.

Take a good glass of bubbles, sit back and relax with the first episode of 2021!

In the second part of this months’ podcast, Justyna and Paul talk with three different people, each of them having an enormous amount of knowledge and experience with the cynefin framework.

Sonja Blignaut a book initiator and Network & Strategist Partner at Cognitive Edge.

Zhen Goh, one of Sonja’s partner in crime to create “Cynefin – Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World” book and also a Senior Consultant at Cognitive Edge.

Boudewijn Bertsch, one of the book’s co-editors and also Sensemaker and Thinking Partner.

All of them made this podcast unique and wishing we could go on for hours.

Happy Listening!

About the book

The Cynefin sense-making Framework, brainchild of innovative thinker Dave Snowden, has never been more needed. The Framework empowers leaders across organizations, governments, and local communities, to work with uncertainty – to navigate complexity, create resilience, and thrive. As Snowden says, “The Framework guides us to make sense of the world, so that we can skillfully act in it.” Come with us on the remarkable 21-year journey of Cynefin, a framework that enables people from all walks of life to improve – their situation, their work, their business, their relationships, and their environment. Cynefin practitioners share their wisdom, applications, and experiences using the Framework, across healthcare, leadership facilitation, organizational behavior, safety, software development, strategy, and well-being. You’ll discover how to not only ‘ride the rapids of complexity,’ but find in so doing, grace, power, and inexplicable opportunity.

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About the Author

Dave Snowden is the creator of the Cynefin framework which is one of a series of approaches to the field of naturalizing sense-making. Creator of anthro-complexity as a field and the first self-ethnographic tools for sense-making, Director of the Cynefin Centre and Chief Scientific Office of Cognitive Edge.

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