“Everyone is a Change Agent” by April Mills

“Everyone is a Change Agent” by April Mills was a great reading choice. It was great in combination with our last month’s read “Team Mastery” by Geoff Watts.

To picture the main difference between driving people and driving change, April shared both her professional and personal stories. None of the described changes was easy, but all of them were possible thanks to the ideas and persistence that she presented. No matter your position inside the organization, you can always make things slightly better. Are you curious how? Listen now!

In the second part of this episode, our hosts invite April Mills so she can answer all the questions that they have!

About the book

Is there a change you want to see in the world, your community, your job, or your life? Have you been waiting for “someone” “somewhere” to do “something”? Stop waiting! You are someone. You are somewhere. You can do something. Your change is the new future you imagine. When you act to create your change, you become a change agent. You don’t need permission to become a change agent, but you do need to equip yourself for your change journey. Everyone is a Change Agent equips you with the Change Agent Essentials necessary for any rapid, joyful, successful change journey. Packed with unique insights, memorable concepts, powerful stories, and vivid illustrations, Everyone is a Change Agent is your indispensable guide to change.

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About the Author

April K. Mills energizes change agents worldwide. She is a decorated former civilian nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy and founded Engine-for-Change LLC. April has consulted for Intel and Delta and her work has been praised by John Kotter and incorporated into his 2016 book, Accelerate. April dedicates her time and the proceeds of her book sales to Gully Crest Homestead, a retreat center for families of children with special needs

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