“Kanban Maturity Model” by Teodora Bozheva & David Anderson

July is our Kanban month! Not only did we review the second edition of the “Kanban Maturity Model” by Teodora Bozheva & David Anderson, but also Justyna published her first ebook “Kanban Compass”.

Listen here to the longest episode yet in the Agile Book Club!

In the second episode of the podcast, our hosts are joined by one of the authors of the book: Teodora Bozheva 

About the book

The Kanban Maturity Model (KMM)l is a new, powerful tool for coaches and consultants advising medium and large enterprises on transformation and improvement using the Kanban Method. From the author of the best-selling Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business, David J. Anderson, together with Teodora Bozheva, this book maps out seven levels of organizational maturity against the six general practices of Kanban to ensure appropriate application of Kanban practices and successful adoption of the approach. The KMM describes a roadmap and concrete actions that enable organizations to achieve fitness-for-purpose and exceptional business agility.
This book is for consultants, coaches, corporate change agents, and managers who must lead medium- and large-scale enterprises through a transition to improve their operations and service delivery. This book is for businesses that aspire to superior business agility, to deliver fit-for-purpose products and services, to delight customers, and to provide the security of long-term survival associated with mature businesses that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. The KMM is designed to eliminate the two most common failure modes in the adoption of Kanban: overreaching, causing an aborted start; false summit plateaus and failure to realize full benefit. KMM provides advisors with the knowledge to create just enough positive stress to provoke improvement without overdoing it and causing a regression in corporate performance. 

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About the Authors

Teodora Bozheva helps companies develop their organizational and business agility through Kanban and the Kanban Maturity Model. Provides training and coaching to organizations in different sectors (finance, industry, insurance, IT services, software development) on how to adapt to changes on their markets and deliver products and services that fulfill their customer expectations in a sustainable manner. Her experience with other models and methods, such as CMMI, Agile, Lean Six Sigma and PMBoK, allows her to understand better different organizational cultures and drive the achievement of the following improvements:
• Alignment of business units around shared objectives
• Effective coordination of multiple projects and portfolio management
• Smooth end-to-end flow of project and service results that meet customer needs
• Collaborative self-organizing teams
• Pragmatic process improvement based on a thorough understanding of the sources of waste

David J. Anderson is chairman of Lean Kanban Inc, a management training, publishing and event planning business based in Seattle and operating globally through its brand Lean Kanban University. David pioneered the Kanban Method to drive improvement in service delivery with professional services, intangible goods, creative and knowledge worker business ranging from IT services to advertising agencies, architecture firms and PR companies. He is the creator of Enterprise Services Planning and the Fit For Purpose Framework for corporate strategy, market research, market segmentation, product management and service design. He is a popular key note speaker at conferences around the world and is the author or co-author of six books including the international best-seller “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business.

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