Hire Women: An agile framework for hiring and retaining women in technology

In the latest episode, we reviewed “Hire Women: An Agile Framework for Hiring and Retaining Women in Technology” by Debbie Madden. The topic of women in tech is so close to our hearts that we couldn’t stop talking…

In the second part of this podcast, our hosts have prepared a list of questions for the author. Debbie joins them with answers and some insights about the book.

About the book

Diverse teams are more effective and get more done than homogenous ones. Yet, despite decades of effort, many tech teams are failing at hiring and retaining women. The reason: we’re looking in the wrong place. Hiring women doesn’t start with recruiting. It starts with creating a work environment that’s safe and equal for all. By reading this book, you will learn an agile, iterative framework for hiring and retaining women that’s practical and easy to use for any team, big or small.

Written by Debbie Madden, CEO and founder of Stride Consulting, two-time Inc 500 CEO and serial tech entrepreneur, this book draws on Debbie’s decades of experience hiring and retaining women. At Stride Consulting, a leading Agile software development consultancy, Debbie and her team increased the number of women in the company by 267% in ten months, simply by using the methods she shares in this book. Whether you are a hiring manager, software engineer, product manager, technical recruiter, or technology executive, you’ll find the exercises in this book practical and effective. 

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About the Author

Debbie Madden is the CEO of Stride Consulting an Agile software development consultancy in New York City. Stride helps make software development easy. She is a mother of two, a wife, and a cancer survivor. She has built five companies from the ground up and has been CEO of three of them.

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